Body Shaping Centre

Being physically fit and looking good are powerful sources of vitality and symbols of success.

Our Body Shaping Center has been designed to help you enhance your physical fitness and appearance.

We design a customized program tailor-made to your needs based on your body weight and composition correlated with your age and build.

We devise a perfectly balanced diet to nourish your body properly while recommending special treatments to reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, improve skin firmness and shape your thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

Our Body Shaping Center employs highly seasoned therapists, physical therapists and dieticians who draw on our well-equipped modern treatment center to assist you in attaining your personal targets.

We offer treatments with devices such as Maximus, Icoon, Hil lasers, namely, high-energy lasers for skin thickening. In addition, we offer lymphatic drainage and acoustic wave therapy.