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EVA Park Life & SPA is an ideal place for relaxation, combined with beauty care. You can take advantage of our wide range of SPA treatments, using the health-restoring qualities of brine, but also the latest achievements of cosmetology. Our well-qualified therapists select treatments according to individual needs using professional equipment and high-quality cosmetic products.

Our comprehensive offer includes body shaping treatments, specialist face and body care, massages, as well as biological regeneration. The relaxing character of our treatments is enhanced by the unique microclimate of the spa town.

Face care

Using the latest medical achievements, a revolutionary system known as Intraceuticals Infusion™ was created in Australia based on oxygen hyperbaric technology with a special serum, rich in hyaluronic acid and regenerating ingredients. Used in tandem with oxygen, it lifts the skin surface naturally and immediately and smoothens fine lines and wrinkles. The Intraceuticals Method combines medical science (local hyperbaric oxygen) and the research findings of Australian universities leading to the formulation of a unique serum.

Body shaping

Our Body Shaping Center has been designed to help you enhance your physical fitness and appearance. We employ highly seasoned therapists, physical therapists and dieticians who draw on our well-equipped modern treatment center to assist you in attaining your personal targets. We offer treatments with devices such as Maximus, or Icoon, high-energy lasers for skin thickening. In addition, we offer lymphatic drainage and acoustic wave therapy.


Wesoothe sore muscles, massageinternal organs and relieve overloaded joints. Massages improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism while also affording blissful relaxation and top quality care.Relaxation massage helps you offload stress and regain lost vitality. It also aligns your energy level in a state of silence conducive to relaxation. Hot candle wax massage is a unique and sensual relaxation massage using natural candle wax.

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